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How to complete any Form Directv Landlord Permit online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing At&t landlord permission form

Instructions and Help about At&t landlord permission form

Hey guys it's rod with civil advantage firearms training here today we're going to talk about authorizations to transport what they're for how you get them that kind of thing authorization to transports or ATT are probably the more complex part of owning restricted firearms in Canada it's definitely by by a large margin the most complained about aspect of legal firearm ownership but anyway hopefully we'll take the mystery out of that and make it a little bit easier for you so there's two types of authorizations to transport that you're going to you're going to find as a firearm owner one is a short term ATT authorization of transport and a long term ATT so the long term ATT is more of kind of a permanent thing I'll address that in a second and short term is typically from A to B or for a you know a week of you know competing and you're going to be cruising around with your firearm in a couple of different locations that kind of thing so the long term is something that you apply for as soon as you get your PA L what I'm advocating for you is as soon as that PA you open up that envelope oh look it's my PA l BAM you are calling the Canadian firearm center for a long term ATT so here's how it works you get your PA oh you get a gun club membership and you don't necessarily for most gun club memberships have to wait to have a PA L because they have our tree and stuff there too but get a gun club membership maybe in advance so you're ready you open up that envelope there's the there's the PA l immediately you call the Canadian firearm center and you say hi I've got a PA l here and a gun club membership I'd like a long term ATT to expire when my PA l expires which is every five years and you renew that ahead of time three months ahead of time they even send you the forms that are half filled out so that's it's it's relatively easy and what they'll say is they'll say well you know that might ask you a couple of questions do a quick interview why do have your firearms of course there's only one legal reason to have a restricted firearm in Canada and that is target shooting no other legal reason so they're going to want to know that stuff and they're going to say facts in at least in my case facts in your gun club membership and we will issue a long-term ATT and where the long-term ATT covers you for if you've seen any of the other videos which is to and from your home typically you can get special long-term ATT s if you're involved in other activities but from your home to all approved shooting ranges in your region from your home to.

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