Form Directv Landlord Permit
Form Directv Landlord Permit

Get the directv landlord permit form

What Is Directv Landlord Permit

Once you decided to install DIRECTV satellite television, you have to get a permission from your landlord first. If you are renting an apartment, you should have a respective documentation to confirm, that the building owner doesn’t mind installing a satellite television. Here DIRECTV landlord permit form may come in handy.

Considering the fact, that the landed proprietors commonly understand all the benefits of a TV dish, there should be no misunderstandings between an owner and a tenant. Satellite TV offers much cheaper service than cable TV. Adding to this, cable TV is only available in regions, where providers offer service, while satellite TV may be installed anywhere, including rural areas or new communities in the suburbs.

How to complete the DIRECTV landlord permit form?

Get the fillable template, which is available online. Easily fill it out on the website. There are only two sections to complete in the form. Include the following information:

  1. The name of the landlord (may be an authorized landlord representative of DIRECTV customer);
  2. The name of the tenant, the address of the property;
  3. The date of signing the document;
  4. Signatures.

Consider, that you may send a document by email straight to your apartment owner for signing electronically. It is possible to add a signature by typing, drawing or uploading.