Video instructions and help with filling out and completing letter of installation

Instructions and Help about letter of installation

Welcome to bhma this short video will show you how easy it is to add flat cut or molded lettering to your business here are some examples of signs on business premises or stars of which may be purchased from bhma limited using this DIY method will save you money a free template is supplied with your lettering making mounting in a bottle will show you how here is Andy showing simple tools needed the fixings are supplied you'll need some plate the bread will do other shop husband device and a screwdriver and we will show you how easy it is to erect your lettering on the back of each letter there are studs which locating the cups to hold the letters fast you will be supplied with a template like response which needs mounting temporarily or dismantle there are crosses on the template to show you where each cup needs to be screwed use a bridle or spike to make a mark once all of the crosses have been marked you may remove the template here we have marked the holes to make seeing them easier you may wish to do the same screw one cup into each of the marks you have made then simply locate the peg and back of the letter into the cup and snap it into place continue until all of your letters are fixed just remove the protective them and you're good to go here are the finished letters lookin great these letters are our brushed aluminium material but we have many alternatives available in range of materials colors and sizes if you are unsure how your sign will look call us we will mock it up for you before you order log on to WWE 2k to order your lettering they're listed under the flat cotton molded lettering section use code youtube for a nice discount a special thank you to Randy for your help in making this video thanks for